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How Does Tyro-screen Work?

Almost all patients with malignant tumors will exhibit abnormal metabolism of amino acids. This abnormal amino acid metabolism, which shows up clearly in the urine, occurs before tissues become cancerous.

The more obvious these abnormalities are, the more likely that cancer is present. Laboratory studies have found that in almost all of these patients the enzyme Tyrosine kinase will have increased by 50%-150% in their urine.


Why Use The Tyro-Screen Urine Detection Kit

High Accuracy :

98.5% correlation with cancer when Tyrosine kinase is elevated in urine.

Economical :

No costly lab work, and can be done at home . Results are immediate.

Early Detection :

Abnormal metabolic activity can be detected in the first 6 months prior to massive cell replication. Which can help in developing an effective treatment protocol.

Safe :

No pain, no risk, no nervous waiting for results. Only uses 2 mL of urine.

Easy To Use :

Does not rely on any equipment. The test can be done at home or a clinic anytime. 5 minutes for results.

Wide Range of Applications :

Early detection of enzymes correlating with cancer. Test for Gastric disorders. An immediate and inexpensive way of monitoring treatment effectiveness.

Screening For Cancer With TYRO-SCREEN

Urine requirement

  • Fresh Urine Sample, 2 mL;
  • Red or Green urine is unacceptable;
  • Room temperature is preferred.

Test method

Have a light diet the day before testing, collect the sample on an empty stomach. Collect the first fresh urine in the morning in a sterile plastic bottle. (Preferred, however collection anytime during the day is acceptable) Open the ampule bottle with the plastic cap, to avoid cutting yourself. Mix 2 ml urine with the reagent under the normal temperature (room temperature is preferred), slightly mixing the fluids, let settle for 5 minutes. Compare the color of sediment with the color guide.

Interpretation of result

  • White or pale yellow color is negative, means healthy.
  • Light red is weakly positive. To be sure, do not consume or ingest a high protein diet, or drugs, and test again after 2-3days. If the results are the same, you should improve your way of life and your immunity under your doctor’s guidance. Retest monthly.
  • Red is positive. To be sure, do not consume or ingest a high protein diet, or drugs, and test again after 2-3days. If you still get the same results, there is a moderate amount of enzymes that correlate to cancer, depending on your family history of cancer. Do further testing under your doctor’s guidance.
  • Brick red is strong positive (cause for alarm), do not consume or ingest a high protein diet, or drugs, and test again after 2-3days. If you still get the same results, you have a strong presence of enzymes that coexist with cancer, depending on your family history of cancer. You should conduct imaging or other further examinations.

Abnormal results

If the sediment is green or gray green, this can indicate jaundice, you should re-test after the disappearance of jaundice. Gastritis, gastric ulcer patients such as associated with a Helicobacter pylori infection. If the test result shows positive, attention should be paid to early gastric cancer, if no cancer is found, then concentrate on eliminating Helicobacter pylori. And pay close attention to the development of stomach disease. It is recommended to test 1-2 times a month to monitor the gastric condition.

Patients that take large quantities of prescription drugs and or are under nourished due to poor diet, may experience a loss of reactive ability, they may not get a positive result even when cancer is present. A proper healthy diet is critical.

Don’t worry about your results indicating positive. You should first fix your diet make certain that you are not taking your medications prior to test. Wait a few days and re-test, if your results are still positive, you should consult with you doctor or health practitioner.

Market prospects for Tyro-Screen for cancer

Since the early detection of cancer is very difficult the mortality rate remains very high. Most cancers are detected in the mid to late stages. WHO Cancer Research Center released figures showing that: by 2020, cancer patients will increase by 43%.

China’s Ministry of health and disease control data shows: China’s annual tumorous patient number is about 200 million, with deaths at 1.4 million, and the trend is increasing year by year. Now more and more people are facing the risk of cancer. According to China’s Ministry of health, a survey report shows that cancer has now surpassed cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and has become the leading cause of death in China. In the last 20 years, one in 5 deaths in China have been from cancer.

The importance of Tyro-Screen in the early detection of cancer

If cancer can be detected earlier, then a more effective prevention and treatment plan can be initiated. Most cancers can definitely be cured if detected within the first 3 stages of cancer development. If an effective intervention is implemented within the first 3 stages, the cure rate can become closer to 100%. With conventional means, it is almost impossible to detect cancer within the first 3 stages. Even in the middle stages, a tumor can only be found by a specialist and with advanced equipment.

The World Health Organization research thinks: 1/3 of cancers are preventable; 1/3 of cancer patients can prolong their life through active treatment; 1/3 of cancer patients can regain their health through early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment. This means that the early detection of cancer is crucial. Worldwide there were 12 million people diagnosed with cancer, and 7.6 million people died from cancer.

In 2015, there were 4.3 million new cases of cancer in China; the rate is up to 285.91/100000. Every minute there are six new people diagnosed with a malignant tumor. One in every five deaths in China died of cancer, which has now become the leading cause of death. However, experts believe that 40% of those deaths could have been prevented.

Cancer can be detected accurately through urine (does not apply to the benign period of tumors) in the beginning stages of tumor cells, early cancer and meta-phase cancer. The Inner-Screen method of urine analysis has proven to be highly accurate, in the early detection of cancer making it effective in developing better treatment protocols for the patients. It is suitable for cancer related diseases (such as a contagious liver disease, chronic digestive tract ulcers, and certain diseases of unknown etiology) it can also be used as a confirmation of cancer treatment and monitoring of rehabilitation of cancer patients.