NOTE: Our products are medical grade that may only be taken under the direction of a doctor or health practitioner.

What Is An Alive Innovations Partner?

Through professional partnerships with qualified holistic health professionals, Alive Innovations and wellness centers all over the country are joining forces to provide patients with the best treatment available.

At Alive Innovations, we focus on discovering, investigating, and acquiring the newest, most innovative treatment technologies. Our professional partners, equipped with the best and latest, can then focus on what they do best – treating their patients.

Find out how you can join our ever-growing network!


Affiliate Partners

Affiliate Partners team up with Alive Innovations to promote wellness and healing solutions. They have access to an array of promotional resources and receive compensation for their referrals.

Distributor Partners

Distributor Partners are resellers of our holistic medical equipment, nutraceuticals, treatment protocols, and diagnostics. They have access to wholesale pricing and receive training on our equipment and best practices.

Network Member Partners

Network Member Partners are health practitioners and clinics that feature Alive Innovations treatment solutions. They gain access to additional resources, advanced training, best practices, and optional co-branding.

Healing Protocols

We collaborate with all the doctors in the network to develop protocols to address health challenges. This sharing of knowledge greatly benefits all the members.

Custom App For Your Clinic

Used by your clients to :

  • Schedule appointments
  • Order nutraceuticals
  • Direct drop-shipping
Cutting-edge Equipment
  • Fully integrated into the protocols.
  • Online training available for all of the equipment.
  • Certification courses available.
Stem-cell Treatment Referrals For Clients

Our clinic offers your clients the latest in cutting-edge stem-cell treatment, derived from adipose tissue. This therapy has greatly benefited many patients. You will receive compensation for referring your client to the clinic.

  • Purchase at wholesale and sell at retail.
  • Vitals report identifies the nutraceuticals needed to achieve homeostasis.
Refer Clients To Our Clinic In The Bahamas

Our clinic in the Bahamas features the latest treatment technology. Even the clinic’s setting, in a balmy climate next to the beach, offers its own healing benefits. Contact us to see how you can take advantage of this state-of-the art facility.

We Can Assist With Drafting Your Business Plan

Are you considering starting a practice? We can help you get off to a strong start as a Network Member Partner.

What is the benefit of a Private Member Association? It can allow you to prescribe treatments to your clients without the concern of interference with the FDA or other medical regulatory bodies.