Healing Protocols

  1. We collaborate with all the Doctors in the network to develop protocols to address health challenges. This sharing of knowledge greatly benefits all the members.

Cutting edge equipment

  1. Fully integrated into the protocols.
  2. Online training available for all of the equipment.
  3. Certification courses available.


  1. Purchase at wholesale and sell at retail.
  2. Vitals report identifies the nutraceuticals needed to bring about homeostasis.

Custom App for your Clinic

  1. Used by your customers to schedule appointments
  2. Order Nutraceuticals
    • Can be direct shipped to them.

Ability to refer your customers for Stem Cell Treatment

  1. At our clinic your client will receive the latest in cutting edge stem cell treatment derived from adipose tissue. Many have been greatly benefited by this therapy. You will receive compensation for referring your client to the clinic.

Refer people to our Clinic in the Bahamas

  1. Our clinic in the Bahamas has all of the latest in technologies. Just the setting, next to the beach and warm weather has it’s own healing benefits. Contact us to see how you can take advantage of this state of the art facility.

We can help you set up your business plan


  • Website development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Fees scheduling
  • Custom videos
  • Custom Flyers

Private Member Association

  • What is the benefit of a Private Member Association? It can allow you to prescribe treatments to your clients without the concern of interference with the FDA or medical boards that are designed to protect the public.

Join the Alive Innovations Network


At Alive Innovations we are scouring the planet, investigating new advances in allopathic and holistic treatments and interviewing the brightest minds and innovators in the industry with one purpose in mind. To bring to you the latest technology to assist you to care for your clients.

Once we discover something we feel will benefit you the doctor or practitioner we quickly contact our members to share with you cutting edge technology or revolutionary supplements. Below is a sample of the innovative products we carry. Please contact us for wholesale pricing and to sign up for our private membership portal.



The AO SCAN 2.0 detects the frequencies of the various cells, tissues, and organs of the body and compares them with a database of known healthy frequencies to determine if there are any abnormalities. The initial scan takes less than 5 minutes and generates a 24 page


That will identify areas of concern.


The Hypothalamus Chamber is designed to administer multiple, powerful treatment applications in a single session. These applications are designed to accomplish three main objectives:

  • 1.Induce a theta brainwave state, opening the brain to suggestion, learning & healing
  • 2.Signal the hypothalamus to return to producing normal levels of serotonin, dopamine and other neurotransmitters.
  • 3.Encourage the brain to create and use new, normal neural pathways (also known as “entrainment”)


Every ingredient in V-MAX formula is carefully selected to maximize your body’s production and usage of NO: the molecule that helps promote a multitude of physical and mental benefits.

Try V-MAX and see the positive effects yourself!


This is a cutting edge Detection Kit for abnormal cell growth that is an Oncoblot alternative. And The great thing is you won’t need a
prescription for the test or perform a painful blood draw.

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