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This full body scanner helps practitioners start treating the root cause with biofeedback machine-based.

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You can create your own unique tests, and take advantage of tried and tested protocols already pre-configured.

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Custom Complete Builder

The CCB will help any practioner, to custom create a supplement for any person.

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Welcome to Alive Innovations

Alive innovations-where the wellbeing of your patient's health is not compromised!

Alive Innovations believes in providing natural, holistic solutions to health issues. We consider the individual to be an environmentally-influenced, complex biological system – and that there is noone-size-fits-all approach to any health condition.

We seek out the most advanced natural treatment options in the industry. We supply naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, and ellness centers with powerful treatment modalities. Our ellness range includes innovative nutraceuticals, immune enhancers, probiotics, and many more.

Our Products

Wellness products and equipment
Testing & Analysis

Who are We?

Integrating innovative methods with leading-edge machinery to offer advanced technologies for Naturopaths, Chiropractors & Wellness Centers.

Being the leading nutraceuticals supplements and health equipment suppliers, we go the extra length to provide you with the latest technology. We scour the planet to search for the best and advanced allopathic and holistic treatments the nutraceutical industry has to offer.

We put your patients at the heart of our services and aim to assist naturopathic doctors, holistic healers, chiropractors, and wellness centers in caring for their patients. Doctors and practitioners can leverage our holistic healing equipment, historical data, and unique treatment plans to digitally scan their patients and perform analysis on an individual basis for enhanced treatment and satisfactory results.

We are constantly striving to bring state-of-the-art products for your practice and treatment, and we are committed to excel in our services.

What We Do?

Empowering holistic practitioners and doctors for life!

We equip naturopathic doctors, holistic healers, chiropractors, and wellness centers with effective natural treatment plans and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment this industry has to offer. With the help of a comprehensive report, an individualized treatment plan is offered that uses a specific combination of therapies and groundbreaking wellness products list that includes nutraceuticals supplements.

Our services are not just limited to offering diagnostic equipment and wellness products, but we also offer training programs that will help you initiate best practices at your wellness center or practice area. You can receive the training from our training portal and enjoy its access by becoming our partner. We keep our partners up-to-date with the latest technology advancement in healthcare and cancer treatment protocols.

Our holistic approach to naturopathic medicine gets the most beneficial results as we use only the stablest bio-energy testing equipment to identify any imbalances in the bodies.

Become our partner and get access to advanced functional medicine and find out how to generate significant profit with your medical practice!

Why Choose Us?

Fast. Efficient. Trusted - Alive Innovations!
There may be several other nutraceuticals companies and health equipment companies that offer medical machines that might lead you to think about why to choose Alive Innovations as your partner. Here are some reasons that distinguish us from our competitors:
Affordable Rates

At Alive Innovations, we offer wholesale prices on our nutraceuticals and other products for practitioners without compromising high-quality whatsoever. There is no doubt that the latest healthcare technology has prices that touch the sky, which can become a barrier to the best treatment of the patients. Therefore, we offer our products and services at affordable rates so that all practitioners can treat their patients using the best technology and treatment in the industry to achieve desired positive patient outcomes.

Latest Technology

All the equipment we offer is made with the latest technology and machinery that enhance your practice while comforting your patients, knowing they are getting the best standard of care. On our platform, you will find top-notch products from the best medical equipment manufacturers. From the industry’s leading diagnostic tools to treatment equipment, we have everything you need to assist the treatment of your patients. You can check our exclusive medical equipment supplies list here.

Unique Approach

Any medical process starts with the diagnosis; if the diagnostic results are not accurate, practitioners will not be able to offer the correct treatment to their patients. This is why we focus on the diagnosis process and offer the latest diagnostic equipment that will help you analyze your patient’s problem effectively. Once you are sure of the problem, you can choose a treatment plan based on their individual concerns with our holistic healing machines and equipment.

Reliable Team

Our team members are the heroes without a cape. They always keep our partners up-to-date with the advanced treatments and look for innovative and better tools to offer our clients. They work side by side with the practitioners and doctors to offer them assistance at each step of their way.

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From supplements to body screening and analysis, we are your source for the best products to resolve your patient’s health issues.

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Our Happy Clients

David King (Detroit, Michigan) 

ImmuniX is a powerful formula for immunity and so much more. I really enjoy this formula and feel that my immune system is stronger and more resilient when I take it. I actually got my immune system tested recently after taking ImmunX consistently and my immune system looked better than it ever has. Very grateful for this transformative product!"

The custom complete product has been absolutely amazing! Personally, I have been sensitive to many supplements in the past and I can say I honestly feel nothing but good after I take these. Professionally, I am receiving testimonials back with the same results, and I am really starting to get busier with re-orders from my clients which I think speaks for itself. My clients love the idea of getting rid of multiple bottles on their countertops in lieu of putting everything in one capsule. I love that I can have the confidence to recommend this product knowing it was exactly what their body called for, and that my clients are receiving high quality products. Custom complete is a win for sure!

I just finished a round of Custom Complete vitamin product.  I wanted it for digestion and immune support.  My two canisters lasted me 6 months, I took them as I felt my system could tolerate. It was slow going at first, my GI feels the best it's ever been and my bathroom habits are FINALLY normal. This customized solution seemed to calm my tummy and digestion process. Highly recommend.


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