NOTE: Our products are medical grade that may only be taken under the direction of a doctor or health practitioner.

What Is Bio-Energetic Testing?

Physics is revealing that human consciousness is an integrated field, not limited by the boundary of the body. This recognition allows us to look afresh at the intuitive forms of medicine that have long challenged the western mind, and build tools to integrate them in powerful new ways.

Moving beyond the materialistic view of health and dis-ease, we see the physical state of organs and tissues, as a consequence of a much wider set of processes. We exist as a multi-layered field where thought, emotion, relationship, and numerous interactions with the environment all play a role.

The QEST4 is a beautiful tool to support revealing these interrelationships in real-time, pointing to priorities, deepening the therapeutic relationship, and in our experience, enhancing clinical success.

Using the Qest4

Operating the light and portable Qest4 with its simple but capable software interface is very easy.

Simply select the tests you wish to run, normally beginning with the Comprehensive analysis. Your client takes hold of the brass handpieces, and the results are available in moments. The software allows you to pre-define an unlimited set of tests so that you can have all aspects of your practice at your fingertips. The software gives a clear display of the results and printable reports can be generated in seconds.

Qest4 Database

The Qest4 database is truly wide-ranging , with over 40,000 individual signatures. You can create your own unique tests, and take advantage of tried and tested protocols already pre-configured.
The system is extensively categorised, allowing you to setup tests reflecting your areas of knowledge. Libraries of data cover many different aspects of health from physiology and biochemistry to emotions and affirmations, with due weight given to the major natural health modalities including nutrition, herbs, naturopathy, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, among many others.

Key highlights of the database:

  • Mental, emotional and spiritual factors
  • Physiology : tissue at macro and micro level
  • Nutrition & Functional Medicine
  • Herbs and homeopathy
  • Pathogens : items that impact on wellness
  • Eastern medicine models
  • Energetic & frequency models
  • Nutraceutical Products

Who can use the QEST4?

The QEST4 system is in use around the world in a wide variety of alternative practices. One could say there are as many QEST4 variations as there are practitioners using it






Massage Therapists


Biological Dentists



Health coaches




Holistic Health Practitioners