NOTE: Our products are medical grade that may only be taken under the direction of a doctor or health practitioner.

Portable Hydrogen Water


  • Hydrogen water can prevent aging and various diseases
  • Ultra-compact size that can be carried in a pocket or mini bag
  • Drinking 1L of hydrogen water every day has the same antioxidant effect as eating 756 bananas and 516 apples
  • Bottle is sold separated
Our body is made up of 60-70% water, The WTO recommended daily water intake is 1.5L to 2.0L
One of the most effective methods for ensuring access to high-quality water no matter where you are is by utilizing HP100 Portable Water


Pocket type hydrogen water generator

  • Small size so can easily carry it ( 7 cm)
  • Simple operation with USB connection
  • Self-diagnosis, cleaning cycle notification system
  • Special diaphragm and ozone separation system
  • Compatibility of 216 types of mineral water bottle sizes


Model name: HP 100
Plates: Special Diaphragm Electrolyze System
pH: Max.1200ppb
Specification Size: 220(W)×322(H)×100(D)mm
Weight: (Net /Product) 6.4 (Gross/Packing) 6.8
Filter: No filter required
Colour: White & Silver
Note: Bottle is not included.