NOTE: Our products are medical grade that may only be taken under the direction of a doctor or health practitioner.

What is the AO Scan Mobile?

The AO Scan Body Analyzer comes in a professional version and a mobile version. The mobile version can be fully accessed on a cell phone or tablet. You will have access to modalities such as the Inner-voice technology, Vitals report and Comprehensive scan. Along with the wave generator to listen to premade frequencies as treatment. This mobile version is designed to test clients on location.


There is an initial and optional first time purchase of a dedicated cell phone or tablet to run the software. A $45 membership fee is collected yearly. There is a monthly fee of $149 to use the software. There are no contracts and you may cancel at any time. With this purchase, you have access to perform unlimited scans. The test generates a full report that can be shared with your client and stored in your database.



  • The mobile version of the AO Scan is intended for on-the-go scans or mobile visits.
  • It can be used for your practice or clinic, although the full version is the best fit for a professional practice.
  • This software depends on the GSM network.


If you purchase the AO Scan Mobile, Alive Innovations will offer you a product credit of up to $100 during your first month! Alive Innovations has developed a unique and powerful supplement line that is designed to target the origin of health issues instead of just addressing the symptoms.

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What is Next?

If you wish to purchase AO Scan, or simply view a demonstration of the software, please email [email protected] or call us at 800-454-1920. We can walk you through the mobile test, show you how to perform a scan, illustrate a sample report or guide you through purchasing. At Alive Innovations, we strive to offer the best customer service we can. Please, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!