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Testing and Analysis

Find the best testing and analysis products, including hair, saliva analysis, blood analysis, and other test kits useful for detecting indications of conditions.

Our Urine Cancer Screening Kit yields results in just 5 minutes, and our Hair & Saliva Analysis Kit offers a wide range of additional helpful information. Click on any of the products displayed below to learn more.

Unique treatment plans for each patient

Alive Innovations utilizes a series of comprehensive tests and analyses to obtain a detailed picture of exactly what deficiencies the body has. This enables us to target specific areas or systems in the body that need support. We can then formulate custom IV nutrition treatments along with a personalized schedule for receiving them. We take this approach simply because it is much more effective. Knowing exactly what a patient needs is far more effective than just estimating based on symptoms and giving treatments that may or may not target the real underlying issues. Alive Innovations unique testing and analysis procedures give a comprehensive look into the patient’s physiology. Our testing processes measure a very wide range of biological information including:

Amino Acids
Fatty Acids
Microbial Imbalance
Heavy Metals
Oxidative Stress

While waiting for laboratory analysis results from test samples, patients can receive generic IV nutrition treatments that help support the body in a general way until the analysis reveals more specifically what exactly the body lacks. Once analysis results come back, Alive Innovations develops a personalized IV nutrition formulation and schedule. In addition, based on these results, we can offer customized guidance and instruction in both diet adjustment and different nutraceutical supplements appropriate to the individual. Alive Innovations is proud to offer this powerful combination of IV nutrition, proper diet, and identification of effective nutraceutical supplements to individuals seeking optimal health and wellness.

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Almost all patients with malignant tumors will exhibit abnormal metabolism of amino acids. This abnormal amino acid metabolism, which shows up clearly in the urine, occurs before tissues become cancerous.