NOTE: Our products are medical grade that may only be taken under the direction of a doctor or health practitioner.

Illuminate Your Wellness Journey with INNER-Light Bed Therapy!

Say goodbye to pain and discomfort as you embrace a new era of healing with the cutting-edge INNER-Light Bed from Alive Innovations. Our revolutionary therapy utilizes the power of over 14,000 high-intensity red and infrared LEDs strategically placed for maximum skin contact, providing unparalleled relief without the burden of negative side effects.

Upon contact, the activated ATP stimulates white blood cells that work to repair damaged tissues, and increases collagen production that builds elasticity in the skin and can aid in wound healing. LED light therapy is now being used in cosmetic and anti-aging purposes.

Red Light Therapy Unveiled : The INNER-Light Bed doesn't just mask symptoms—it treats the source of pain at its core. Red light therapy stimulates ATP activation, energizing white blood cells to repair damaged tissues and boost collagen production. The result? Enhanced skin elasticity, accelerated wound healing, and a radiant, youthful glow. Experience the transformation as red LED therapy becomes your ally in cosmetic and anti-aging pursuits.

Empowering Your Body's Defenses : Harness the power of ATP, your body's energy source, to activate endorphins and deliver soothing relief from chronic and acute pain. Infrared light takes it a step further, triggering the production of neurotransmitters that naturally reduce pain in your body. INNER-Light Bed Therapy is not just a treatment—it's a journey to revitalizing well-being.


Benefits Beyond Imagination

High Blood Pressure :

Unwind and destress with INNER-Light's calming embrace

Chronic and Acute Pain :

Experience the soothing relief you deserve.

Muscle and Joint Pain :

Rediscover freedom of movement and flexibility.

Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis :

Nourish your skin and unlock its natural radiance.

Effectively Destroys Bacteria :

Embrace a germ-free zone for enhanced well-being.

Tissue and Nerve Damage :

Promote healing from within for a renewed sense of vitality.

Decreased Injury Healing Time :

Accelerate your recovery journey.

Arthritis :

Find comfort and ease in the face of joint challenges.

Wrinkles :

Turn back the clock on sun damage and age gracefully.

FDA Cleared for Your Confidence

INNER-Light Bed Therapy is FDA cleared for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches and pains. Not just a remedy, it's a relaxation ritual that promotes muscle tissue relaxation and a temporary boost in local blood circulation.

Step into the INNER-Light Bed, where pain relief meets rejuvenation. Illuminate your path to wellness—your radiant future awaits!


A French physician, Dr. Paul Nogier, working with his patients, identified seven frequencies natural to our body cells. They became known as the Nogier Frequencies. The Inner-Light Bed is the first and only LED therapy bed to incorporate these frequencies into its programs.

A The Inner-Light Bed has 9 different programs. The seven Nogier Frequencies, plus a program that rotates through all 7 Nogier programs at 4 minutes on each frequency and a non-pulsing Constant On program.

Nogier Frequencies Benefits

292 Hz – Cellular Vitality

Resonates with Ectoderm (outermost tissue) that forms : skin, glands, nerves, eyes, ears, teeth, brain and spinal cord Assists in wound healing, Repair of the skin, Nerve repair, reduces scar tissue, reduces inflammation, and Reduces tumors.

584 Hz – Nutritional Metabolism

Resonates with Endoderm (innermost tissue) that forms : Lungs, Bladder, Urethra, Lining of the intestinal tract, Liver, Thyroid Gland, Thymus Gland, Auditory Tube, Gall Bladder, Pancreas Improves nutritional assimilation, Balances the parasympathetic nervous system and can Alleviate allergy problems.

1,168 Hz – Movement

Resonates with Mesoderm (middle tissue) that forms Connective tissue : Ligaments, Tendons cartilage, Muscle and Bone, Heart, Testes, Cortex of the Adrenal Gland, Blood, Kidneys, Lymph vessels, Spleen, Pain in muscles, skeletal or myfacial areas and the Ovaries.

2,336 Hz – Coordination

Coordinates the two sides of the brain and Reduces stress.

4,672 Hz – Nerves

Pain, Spinal Cord, Skin Disorders

Resonates with the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system : The spinal cord carries the messages of the central nervous system from the brain to all other parts of the body.The peripheral nervous system extends from the central nervous system. These nerves extend to the outermost areas of the body – to the organs, limbs and skin.

Veterinary experience : Reduces excess calcification such as bone spurs and arthritic joints.

73 Hz – Emotional Reactions

Balance Hormones, Muscles Spasms, Facial Pain, Headaches, Depression,Healing of non-healing bone fractures, Balance thalamus and hypothalamus – two major body control centers Resonates with the subcortical or lower regions of the brain : Speech, Hormones balance, Unconscious reactions/reflexes, Memory Veterinary experience : Improves circulation

146 Hz – Intellectual Organization

Memory, Psychological Disorders, Nervousness and worry

Resonates with the cerebral cortex of the brain : Thinking, Imagining, Creating Veterinary experience: Reduces inflammation and scar tissue on tendons and ligaments.

Equipment Specifications

  • Length : 235 cm/95.5”
  • Width : 85 cm/33.5”
  • Height : 110 cm/43.5” with top closed, 147 cm/58” with top open

An example of the effectiveness of the LED Light Bed

14 days of treatment