Support Your Immune System Before You Get Sick with DNT53

Before you get sick, support your immune system! A strong immune system helps you avoid getting sick. But, when you do get sick, chicken soup, rest, and fluids work to help get you better.

Prevention is the best medicine. Eating right and exercising are top ways to help keep your body strong and healthy. Using the right supplements can help provide you energy and the little extra boost to keep you as healthy as long as possible.

support your immune system

Your Immune System Is Always Fighting 

Every day, you’re exposed to millions of different bacteria and viruses that could make you sick. Fortunately, your body takes care of nearly all of them right away. They get trapped in the mucous linings of your nose then flushed out, or they might end up in your stomach where your stomach acid kills them or they’re out-competed by other healthy probiotics.

The tiny few that make it past all of your natural defense systems now have to deal with your white blood cells, the ultimate knights of the body. In most cases, your body has already dealt with the invaders, so they call up the experienced fighters and wipe out the invasion.

Sometimes, something new emerges. And this is where you need to make sure your immune system is healthy and ready to fight it off.

There are a lot of standard immune boosters, such as Echinacea, which you take as you get sick. Some things you can take regularly, like what we have in the DNT 53 blend.

Ghaf tree

The Miracle of the Ghaf Tree 

In the Middle East and South Asia, the Ghaf free is considered sacred. Historically, people from this area used all parts of this tree to improve their health.

Today, we’re finding out the Ghaf tree has potent antibiotic activity and has some of the highest antioxidant levels found in the herbal world. It was, and still is, one of the go-to herbs in that part of the world for dysentery, cancer, and blood diseases.

It’s not a popular supplement in the United States, but we think you’ll be seeing it more often.

A Papaya Per Day Keeps The Doctor Away

In the tropics, the papaya is food, but more often, it is medicine. The seeds and the leaves of the papaya contain papain, which helps increase regulatory T cell activity help stimulate the immune system into recognizing foreign bacteria and viruses, along with malfunctioning cancer cells.

Papaya is excellent in smoothie recipes, or you could choose to get a papaya extract from a natural food store. Personally, we enjoy adding papaya to salads and desserts. It’s a great way to get tasty food in and get a massive boost to your immune system. Most grocery stores carry papaya year-round.

Getting started being healthy to support your immune system

Whether you’ve exercised for a while, or you’re just getting started, supplementing gives you a boost in your energy and your health. If you’re just getting started with exercise, it can seem like a monumental task. Try these steps to help you establish a healthy, long-term habit:

  • Start slow and measured – intensive workouts feel good for a couple of days, but can you imagine yourself doing them for months or years?
  • Set small goals, such as a week – knowing you’re going to exercise for one week is a lot easier to think about doing it for the rest of your life. At the end of that week, give yourself a small reward. Then, reset your goal for another week.
  • Keep your level of antioxidant high – your body will be doing significance repairs and cleansing when you start exercising, so supplement wisely with something designed to support your immune system.