AO Body Scanner Training

This series of videos well help you to quickly achieve proficiency in using the AO Body Scanner for diagnostics and treatments. The course includes some quizzes based on the material presented. Upon successful completion of the course and its quizzes, you will earn a certification.

Module 1 AO Scanner Video Series - Vitals Reports
Unit 1 Team Viewer Download Instructions
Unit 2 AO Vitals - How to run a report looking at allergies
Unit 3 Vitals Report - Allergies to Bone Mineral Density
Unit 4 Vitals Report - Bone Calcification to Chakras
Unit 5 Vitals Report - Collagen to Kidney Function
Unit 6 Vitals Report - Kidney Function to Molds
Unit 7 Vitals Report - Parasites to Vitamins
Unit 8 Vitals Report - Making Practical Application
Unit 9 AO Scan Training Recap
Module 2 AO Scanner Video Series - Additional Functions and Procedures
Unit 1 How to Enter a Tech
Unit 2 How to Enter the Client
Unit 3 How to Run a Vital Scan
Unit 4 How to Perform a Frequency Optimization
Unit 5 How to Perform a Comprehensive Scan - Part 1
Unit 6 How to Perform a Comprehensive Scan - Part 2
Unit 7 Single- and Multi-Radionics
Unit 8 Using Test Supplemental Feature
Unit 9 Using Test Supplemental Feature with Own Product